AJCAL: Inflatable dunnage bag for merchandise protection

AJCAL: Inflatable Dunnage Bags

Inflatable dunnage bag, your best guarantee against damage !

inflatable packing cushion for transporting merchandise

manufacturer of inflatable Dunnage Bags

Products that have been cared for during their production and their packaging process must reach you in perfect condition. We are manufacturer of Inflatable dunnage bag with single use or reusable.

Easy installation, safe and economical, our air cushions are excellent stabilisers and shock absorbers providing optimum protection for your goods.

Performance of our dunnage bags

coussins_de_calage_dans_le_conteneur coussins_de_calage_entre_cartons

Our quality dunnage bags rely on the exceptional mechanical properties of high strength plastic.

Insensitive to moisture, resistant to rips and tears, recyclable, the cushions remain operational in extreme weather conditions.

Concerned about the total reliability of its products, AJP carries out numerous checks during manufacture, both on the raw materials and on the finished products.


Length × Width    Nb bunnage bags / palette
        90 × 60 cm               325
        90 × 90 cm               300
        90 × 120 cm               275
        90 × 150 cm               250
        90 × 180 cm               250
        90 × 210 cm               250
        90 × 240 cm               250
      120 × 120 cm               215
      120 × 180 cm               200
      120 × 225 cm               175
      150 × 150 cm               175
      155 × 240 cm               125


  • Dunnage bag with single use

coussins-de-calage-001_f_improf_762x586_1They are intended to be used only once and are equipped with an easy to use flexible valve.

They are completely recyclable once they have been used.


Reusable dunnage bag

pistolet_coussin_de_calageThey are intended to hold heavy loads or for intensive reuse. Fitted with a rigid valve, these cushions are especially recommended for the transport of paper rolls by boat, fresh fruit on reefer ships, packaging crates for machinery or for setting up permanently in trucks.