Accueil / Applications


Plastic PE film and paper coating


The market of technical PVC labels is one of the strengths of AJP. The sheets are coated to give them the physical strength and visual appearance they need to receive the inks and to hence obtain a high-resolution print quality. Rendering and colours are optimized. The high adhesion of the inks on the surface provides resistance to external aggressions according to your specifications (UV, chemicals, etc.).

AJP is the specialist for labels to be used in numerous sectors (cosmetics, perfumery, medical, food, industry, IML (in mould label), etc.)

Textile and leather transfert

AJP has the specific coating required to complete the printing and transfer process onto leather and textile from either plastic film or paper heat transfer. The films are processed to be dimensionally stable, translucent, matt or glossy and to provide a good ink transfer.

AJP is a partner of clothing manufacturers (T-shirts, sweatshirts), various textile and  leather manufacturers for their printing and transfer process.

Printing and cardboard industries

AJP can process the media individually to meet the technical requirements of the printing industry concerning plastic films. Our own brands are AJprint, AJtag and AJtec. They represent the reliability, performance, and a reference for the world of graphic arts and allow high resolution printing, in black and white or colour, for many types of printing.

Our cutouts can be used to manufacture boxes, tubes, mandrels, cardboard edging, food containers, pods for liquid products, etc.

Under-roof lining

AJP has developed the special coatings required to process the water-repellent and hydrophobic paper intended for the building trade.

Heat sealable coatings

After years of research jointly with universities, AJP has developed specific products (heat sealable varnishes), especially for the food and packaging industries, etc.

Packaging for the food industry and for household products

AJP adapts and cuts the materials useful to the packaging of food products, in close contact with customer R&D and quality teams. It also manufactures packaging for the liquid capsule market.

Coatings for industry

AJP is active in numerous industrial sectors, such as the manufacture of yacht sails.