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All about coating

This is an Anglicism whose ambiguities will be pointed out by those who support the use of a pure and hard French language. Indeed, the term coating can have several meanings and refer to different practices. In the food industry, coating is an operation that consists of applying a liquid or powder coating to a […]

All about paper roll cutting

Paper is all around us in our daily lives, and the digital age is still far from over. But while it is very easy to get hold of it, we rarely think about how it gets to us. However, for those who distribute paper in various formats or use a lot of paper to package […]

What is AJP?

Video explaining AJP’s production methods

Zoom on AJPrint polyester PET film

Zoom on AJPrint line, a plastic film coating, one or two sides, specially conceived for resistance in laser printer drying ovens.

Coating of plastic film

AJP is equipped with a machine for coating on plastic film or latest-generation paper, at the service of extrusion companies and papermakers.

Cutting and coating of paper for paper mills

AJP is a French SME located in northern France near Lille. The company is specialised in the cutting of paper reels and coating on paper and plastic.

Zoom on non-slip insert sheets

Non-slip inserts are essential to transport pallets of goods in complete safety. AJP is specialised in the manufacture of non-slip paper, procuring both safety and savings for all users, whether road or sea carriers, forwarding agents, as well as all companies wanting to transport their goods without damage.

Zoom on the manufacture of fluorescent papers

AJP is a company recognised in the manufacture and cutting of paper. Zoom on paper and its by-products: posters and fluorescent papers as well as water barrier sheets.

No-Tear, PVC, PET, PE labels… our expertise at AJP

No-tear plastic labels printed by our company have many applications. Details on our products, their advantages, and their uses.

Paper cutting, a technical know-how

Efficiency, regularity, technicality… Paper cutting is subject to a necessary know-how in order to create a multitude of products. AJP is a French company, who has specialized in paper cutting for more than 30 years. This paper cutting, in paper rolls or paper format, can be made to order (cut to size), or as a […]