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No-Tear, PVC, PET, PE labels… our expertise at AJP

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No-tear plastic labels printed by our company have many applications. Details on our products, their advantages, and their uses.

PVC, PET, PE, and no-tear labels

AJP specializes in coating, primers on synthetic materials for printing labels.

AJP specializes in coating, primers on synthetic materials for printing, to magnify colors and provide better ink printing on tricky media. Located in Vieux Condé (northern France), AJP is an expert in coating solutions for labels across a variety of media, including:

AJtec labels:

PEHD labels are flexible, resistant, and economical. They flatten well and are very opaque. This material can be printed with a printing machine like helio, UV offset, inkjet, etc. These labels are used in a variety of fields, including: horticulture, luggage, craft labels, loop through tags, etc.

AJpvc labels:

PVC is a flexible material and can be coated (or not) by AJP. High-performance machines are needed for cutting this type of label (part of AJP’s expertise). When the material is coated, in order to print in UV flexo or dot-matrix printers.

AJprint label:

PET labels provide excellent adherence and can withstand heat up to 180°. They can be placed in all printer ovens. The coated material offers very good resistance to tearing and can be placed in any type of photocopier.

No-tear AJtag label

AJtag label: The cross-laminated PEHD label is very useful for any industrial application needing a no-tear label, both in terms of width and length. This no-tear material is often used for luggage labeling and craft labels.

To sum up, AJP is your ideal partner for dry labeling, neutral or coated plastic materials, and width cutting for all manner of applications, including digital color printing, mass consumption products, food-processing, logistics, transportation, as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries.

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