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AJSTAB: No-slip divider sheets

AJP has 25 years of experience in the development of paper and plastic based technical products. AJP has developed the manufacturing of products for the safety of people and goods while on the move. Anti-slip sheets secure your goods during transport and during handling operations in storage stores. We are able to study your security and freight transport issues in order to offer you the most appropriate solutions for your environment. The stabilization of goods, especially for fragile products, via our non-slip products is a major issue so that your goods arrive in good condition at good port.

AJP offers anti-slip papers, providing both safety and economy to all users, whether they are road or sea carriers, freight forwarders, or any company wishing to transport their goods without damage.
The anti-slip interlayers offered are developed in our laboratories by chemists, who have developed the best coating qualities on paper from the company’s own formulations, allowing grip angles of up to 45° to secure the transport of products on pallets.
The anti-slip products are offered on paper with thicknesses ranging from 90 to 350 g/m², either in sheets (different formats possible) or in rolls. The sheets are, of course, compatible with automatic palletisers thanks to the incomparable quality of our products. The rolls are available in lengths and widths to suit the customer’s needs.

Non-slip pads = safer transport and lower costs

Anti-slip pads and sheets offer a wide range of benefits to their users. In addition to the fact that they are becoming compulsory in many countries, they make transport safer and significantly reduce costs due to less product breakage.
The use of interleaving sheets also reduces the use of plastic film and cardboard. They are also very environmentally friendly as they are recyclable. In addition, the non-slip interleaves allow pallets to be stacked without risk. AJP’s AJstab anti-slip interleaves are usually made from brown kraft paper, but can be coated on white kraft paper on request (depending on production quantities).

Non-slip water barrier sheets

AJP also has the know-how for water barrier products. Thus, we are able to combine the anti-slip treatment with the water repellent or water barrier treatment. A first sheet, placed on the pallet, prevents any moisture from rising to the products. This type of anti-slip pad is widely used for the transport of sensitive products (heavy goods, foodstuffs) that are sensitive to humidity, maritime transport, cold rooms, humid environments, etc.

Anti-slip paper for the transport of goods on pallets

Our anti-slip papers are coated with a formula developed by our research and development centre in order to obtain an optimal grip and an angle of inclination up to 50°. Our range of anti-slip interlayers meets the new European standards which require the installation of anti-slip interlayers between each row of products, in order to secure transport and avoid any tipping of the goods. Our range is composed of standard products, in 100 and 140 gr, coated on both sides, but also of all other qualities from 50 gr to 300 gr, in rolls or sheets.