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AJCAL: Inflatable Dunnage Bags

Our dunnage cushions secure the load laterally, vertically and longitudinally.


Protecting products and goods during transport is one of your main concerns. You have opted for the best packaging and protective equipment. However, the transport of your goods is something you can hardly control. Whether it’s weather conditions, damage or accidents, conventional palletizing is no longer enough.

How can this be remedied? We have developed AJCAL reusable cushioning pads, designed for safe shipping. They fill the empty spaces and immobilize the goods: no more shocks and vibrations between the pallets and the damaged products.
This cushioning material allows your fragile products and objects, often transported in very difficult conditions, to arrive at your customers in perfect condition. The dunnage is stabilized thanks to the cushioning pads that protect the goods. They are lightweight and do not affect the overall weight of the load.
Our reusable transport cushions are inflated in the spaces between the pallets of goods and prevent any movement during transport.


Locking of the load by continuous pressure

  • They ensure the maximum stability of your heavy loads, resist any movement and absorb shocks in their packaging and during transport to ensure optimal protection. Freight forwarders and carriers use cushioning mattresses for their anti-shock efficiency.
  • Palletized goods, packages, coils, electrical equipment, food, chemicals … are guaranteed to arrive at your customer in good condition.
  • The installation of our wedging cushions is very easy, safe and quick.

Performance and strength of our dunnage cushions

  • Our special inflatable and reusable transport cushions allow you to shorten cargo loading times and reduce labor costs.
  • The quality of the cushioning is based on the exceptional mechanical properties of the high-strength polypropylene film.
  • Moisture resistant, snag resistant, recyclable, cargo cushions remain operational in extreme weather conditions.
  • Protection against lateral, longitudinal and vertical impacts.

Our range of cushioning pads

in mm
Units per pallet (minimum quantities) Maximum inflated thickness in cm
600×900 325 30
900×900 300 40
900×1200 275 40
900×1500 250 40
900×1800 250 40
900×2100 250 40
900×2400 250 40
1200×1200 215 50
1200×1800 200 50
1200×2250 175 50
1550×1500 175 60
1550×2400 125 60
1200×1200 150 50
1550×2400 100 60


Easy to install

  • Self-regulating pressure: No risk of over-inflation, under-inflation or bursting
  • Reusable: Inflatable and reusable cushions easily, no need to unscrew or tighten the cap
  • Highly puncture resistant and mold resistant
  • For use with the AJP inflation gun
  • Adjust the supply pressure of the gun for self-regulation of pressure according to the table below:
Supply line pressure Self-regulating cushion pressure
3 BAR 0.1 BAR
4.5 BAR 0.14 BAR
5.5 BAR 0.18 BAR

Transport security of goods

  • Efficient and safe cushioning
  • Total shock protection
  • Quick installation
  • Economical cushioning
  • 100% recyclable




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