Paper and plastic film winding | Cardboard and paper cutting machines

Coating, roll winding, cutting, and slitting machines

Cutting machine for plastic films, paper, and cardboard

Cutting machines

√   All widths (min 20 mm), up to1650 mm wide

√   All plastic supports (PE, BOPP, PET, PVC…)

√   All paper supports (cardboard, PE coated, paper, etc.…)

Winding machines

√   Mother reels up to 1500 mm diameter

√   Mandrels: 70 mm, 76 mm, 150 mm, 152 mm

Winding machine for plastic films, paper, and cardboard

Coating machine

Coating machines

√   Up to 1600 mm wide

√  Corona treatment, primer, hydrophobic varnish, non-slip, gummed, pigmented, coloured, thermo-adhesive, food, etc.

Plastic film and paper slitting

√ Used for paper from 30 to 240g

√ Can cut plastic films from 36 to 300µ

√ Maximum format of 1000 x 1000mm

√ Packaging of your final products on pallets or by reams (125, 250 or 500 formats)

Plastic film and paper slitting machine