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Coating, roll winding, cutting, and slitting machines

Thanks to its coating, winding, cutting and slitting machines, AJP shapes and transforms the mother coils (jumbo) into wafers, rolls and formats with the dimensions (width 20 mm up to 1650 mm) and desired lengths. Plastic film, textile, paper, cardboard…

Plastic film and paper slitting

√ Used for paper from 30 to 240g

√ Can cut plastic films from 36 to 300µ

√ Maximum format of 1000 x 1000mm

√ Packaging of your final products on pallets or by reams (125, 250 or 500 formats)

Coating machines
  • Up to 1600 mm wide
  • Corona treatment, adhesion primers, hydrophobic varnish, anti-slip, gummed, pigmented, colored, fusible, food
Cutting machines
  • All widths (minimum 20 mm), up to 1650 mm width
  • All plastic supports
  • All paper supports