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Non-slip inserts are essential to transport pallets of goods in complete safety.

Non-slip inserts for transport pallets of goods

AJP is specialised in the manufacture of non-slip paper, procuring both safety and savings for all users, whether road or sea carriers, forwarding agents, as well as all companies wanting to transport their goods without damage.

The non-slip inserts proposed by AJP have been created in our laboratories by chemists who have developed, using in-house formulations, the best coating qualities on paper, allowing tilt angles of up to 45° to protect products on the pallets during transport.

Our non-slip products are available on papers of grammage from 90 to 350 g/m² either in sheets (various formats possible) or reels. Thanks to the outstanding quality of our products, the sheets are compatible with automatic gripper palletizers. The length and width of the reels are adapted to customer requirements.

Non-slip inserts = safer transport and lower costs

Non-slip inserts and sheets offer users numerous advantages. Apart from the fact that they are becoming mandatory in numerous countries, they protect the goods during transport and substantially reduce costs since less products are damaged.

Non-slip sheets reduce the use of plastic film and cardboard. Being recyclable, they are also highly ecological. In addition, non-slip inserts allow pallets to be stacked without risk. AJP’s AJtab non-slip inserts are generally made of brown kraft paper. Upon request, however, they can be coated on white kraft paper (depending on the quantities to be produced).

Non-slip water-barrier sheets

AJP’s know-how also includes the manufacture of water-barrier products. We can combine non-slip treatment with water-repellent or water-barrier treatment. A first sheet, placed on the pallet, prevents damp rising up into the products. This type of non-slip insert is widely used for the transport of sensitive products (high-density products, foods) which must be kept dry, sea transport, cold rooms, damp environments, etc.

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