Coating for extrusion of plastic film or latest-generation paper

Coating for extrusion of plastic film

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Coating for extrusion of plastic film

Our company works with numerous plastic (PE, PET and PP) film extrusion companies.

AJP is equipped with a machine for coating on plastic film or latest-generation paper, at the service of extrusion companies and papermakers.


AJP is a company located in northern France near Valenciennes. Its specialities are cutting and coating on plastic film.

Our company works with numerous plastic (PE, PET and PP) film extrusion companies, to cut film reels or apply coatings to them in order to guarantee optimum printing quality. (Coating).

Cast or blown film extrusion

Film extrusion is carried out using the cast or blown processes. With the cast process, the film is extruded flat and cast in line. This complex industrial process, used mainly for food packaging and technical products, allows the manufacture of sophisticated films. The process can even combine several polymer materials into multilayer films, such as the films used by AJP for its coating activity.

With the blown process, the extrusion is blown into a tubular shape, then wound onto jumbo reels which can then be processed by AJP for cutting or coating these films.

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An ultra-high performance coating machine

With its ultra-high performance coating machine, AJP applies a primer on all types of plastic film. Similarly, thanks to technologies and know-how in the field of chemicals, we can colour the plastic film, for example with fluorescent inks.

Plastic film extrusion companies rely on AJP to apply a primer or other product, improving the surface properties of the film, enhancing the finish, adhesion, UV-resistance, adherence of inks, or to adjust the surface properties in order to withstand mechanical stresses and attack from the external environment (UV, temperature, corrosion, etc.).


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