Cutting and coating of paper for paper mills

Cutting and coating of paper for paper mills

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AJP is a French SME located in northern France near Lille. The company is specialised in the cutting of paper reels and coating on paper and plastic.

découpe enduction papeterie

Cutter reels, at the required width, with optimum accuracy.


1) Cutting of paper reels for paper mills

Paper mills subcontract the cutting of their paper reels to AJP to obtain cutter reels, at the required width, with optimum accuracy.

2) Coating on paper for paper manufacturers

Paper manufacturers and companies in the paper industry often want to customise their media. With its coating machine, AJP can apply special varnishes and inks in order to enhance the paper with multiple additional characteristics.

The coatings applied by AJP make the papers waterproof, water-repellent, non-slip, corrosion-proof, greaseproof or fluorescent, or allowing any type of transfer.

Papermakers also work with AJP to add fluorescent colour to their media in order to supply the graphic and POSA markets, for example (fluorescent paper and posters, graphic paper, etc.)

3) Cutting and coating of special paper

AJP is your partner for the conversion of all types of paper reel, with consistent and accurate cutting. In addition to customised cutting for the paper industry, our coatings bring true added value to your media.

All customer projects are studied and analysed in the AJP laboratory.

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