AJP, manufacturer of posters, fluorescent papers and hydrophobic papers

Zoom on the manufacture of fluorescent papers

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AJP is a company recognised in the manufacture and cutting of paper. Zoom on paper and its by-products: posters and fluorescent papers as well as water barrier sheets.

Fabricant d'affiches et papiers fluo

Zoom on paper and its by-products: posters and fluorescent papers as well as water barrier sheets.

  • Manufacturer of posters and fluorescent papers

Company AJP is a specialist in the production of fluorescent papers and posters for printers, hypermarkets and supermarkets, graphic art professionals, POSA equipment distributors, paper wholesalers, manufacturers of post-it notes and adhesive labels.

Paper or plastic film is covered by us with a fluorescent coating, to be visible from a distance and catch the eye, up to 300 times more than a standard colour.

Our customers use them for advertising posters, flyers, banners, etc. The posters are printed in offset, flexo, ink jet and even handwritten.

Our papers for fluorescent posters are generally 90 g, but other grammages are available upon request.

We also produce fluorescent posters and rolls on plastic media (HDPE). The most popular fluorescent colours are green, yellow, orange and pink.

  • Technical papers (hydrophobic water barrier sheets)Fabricant de barrières à l'eau hydrophobes

Upon request from its customers, AJP manufactures numerous types of technical paper.

Using our production equipment, we can manufacture hydrophobic media (waterproof) or specific varnishes giving the paper special technical properties.

Hydrophobic water barrier papers, which provide protection against humidity, are used for example in the building industry for roofing underlays or to insulate various products (plasterboard, waterproof tubes, etc.) food packaging (beverages, glasses, etc.). These hydrophobic paper sheets are an excellent substitute for PE paper and offer the advantage of being fully recyclable.

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