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Paper cutting, a technical know-how

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Efficiency, regularity, technicality… Paper cutting is subject to a necessary know-how in order to create a multitude of products.

découpe papier

Custom paper cutting

AJP is a French company, who has specialized in paper cutting for more than 30 years. This paper cutting, in paper rolls or paper format, can be made to order (cut to size), or as a complete service (purchase and paper roll cutting).

Our specialty concerning paper cutting is our technical know-how on the tolerance and accuracy of the adjustment which can be made up to one tenth of a millimeter. Clients who use this know-how for cutting their paper products are very attentive to the quality of the cut paper so that the width supplied is perfectly adapted to their manufacturing process.

Our paper cutting machines are extremely efficient both in terms of cutting quality and regularity.

Cutting for which paper, thicknesses and sizes?

The possible thicknesses of cut paper, in paper format, in sheet paper, or in paper roll, range from 50 grams to 500 grams per m².

All kinds of paper can be cut, including kraft paper, liner test paper, graph paper, technical papers (hydrophobic paper, anti-slip paper) or flat cardboard.

Contact AJP for a quote on your paper cutting project 

The possible dimensions for cut paper or cardboard range from 50mm in width to 1600 mm in width for cutting rolls; For format paper cutting, the dimensions range from 300mm to 1000mm wide.

The possible uses of these cut paper sheets, or paper reels are very varied, ranging from the printing sector, food packaging, cardboard cores and tubes, signage, technical labels, dry PE, PET or PVC labels, coated papers for under roofs, posters…

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