Accueil / Area of Expertise

Paper and plastic winding, slitting, cutting

AJP shapes and transforms your mother reels (jumbo) into wafers, rolls and formats with the dimensions (width 20 mm up to 1650 mm) and desired lengths, thanks to our large machine park.
Paper coating, plastic film coating

AJP has a very modern machine for coating polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene and paper plastic films. We coat a wide range of films and papers according to your technical needs.

Cutting and winding plastic film, paper and cardboard

AJP carries out the winding and cutting in the format of reels of plastic films and papers in reels, wafers or formats.

Cut to size of paper, cardboard and plastic films

APJ has a machine for cutting plastic films, paper and cardboard into the formats and specific dimensions you want.

Transformation of paper and plastic films

AJP's know-how allows rigorous quality control for the manufacture, winding and cutting of coated or neutral paper and plastic reels, as well as their packaging on a pallet and in shrink film