Expert in coating, cutting and winding | Paper and plastic film rolls

Paper and plastic winding, slitting, cutting

AJP manufactures and transforms your products the mother reels (jumbo) into rolls of various sizes, formats and dimensions as per customer requirements (20 mm to 1650 mm wide), thanks to our extensive machine park. 

We can cut different materials:

  • Plastic films: PET, PE, PVC
  • Plastic complex, aluminiums, etc.
  • Textiles, non-woven fabrics
  • Paper reels
  • Any flexible product than can be cut

AJP also provides a made-to-measure service for paper, cardboard and PE, PET, PP films after transformation in our premises. We have a storage capacity of 2000 m² to quickly respond to your requests for paper, cardboard and films at competitive prices.