AJP, the specialist of coated technical films and papers

AJP film and paper coating techniques

Plastic films coating

Plastic films

√   AJTEC: Coated high density PE film

√   AJTAG: Coated or neutral cross laminated high density PE film

√   AJPRINT: Coated or neutral PET film

Dunnage Bags

Packing cushions

√   Single use type: 100% recyclable

√   Re-usable type: Equipped with a rigid valve for easy re-use

Dunnage Bags

Technical papers: processing and thermobonding, water barrier sheet

Technical paper

√   Water repellent barrier sheets: AJstop et AJstop+

√   Transfer paper

√   Thermofoil paper

No-slip inserts

Non-slip paper

 √   Inserts with one or two sides

√   Tilt angle up to 50°

No-slip divider sheets