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In Mould Label

In Mould Label

AJP carries out coating on PE and PP film for the design of IML labels, In Mould Label. This is an industrial process that is widely used in the plastics and packaging industry. The processes are varied and the advantages numerous!

What is In Mould Label by injection moulding?

It is a process of moulding a plastic part by hot injection, incorporating the label that forms the visual of the finished injected product. This can also be called in-mould labelling.

This injection of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers into a mould integrates the label and takes the shape of the finished part. The plastic, previously heated, then hardens with the injected label, and forms a whole with the product. The advantages of this marking are numerous, but above all this technique allows the finished product to be very solid and the printing to resist for years to UV, scratches and other aggressions due to the handling of the final product.

What is In Mould Label for thermoforming?

Thermoforming is a technique used for the production of rigid plastic packaging. It involves heating a thermoplastic film. This sheet takes the shape of the mould when it cools.

IML for thermoforming, or thermoforming moulding, involves decorating the product during the thermoforming process. The IML packaging label is inserted into the forming tool and fused to the plastic sheet, which is heated to form the final package. The end result is a decorated, printed package that is manufactured in a single production step. The manufacturing steps are reduced, as are the costs.

This type of thermoforming is often used to produce light and oxygen barrier packaging.

What are the markets for IML?

Of course, most packaging industries are concerned with in-mould labelling.

The areas are very varied, ranging from foodstuffs such as cups, butter, animal feed, cheese and yoghurt. In-mould labelling can also be found in the non-food sector, such as cosmetics, household products, gardening, paint and beer crates.

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